What a crazy week this has been

Creighton bounces back, Nebraska gets a huge win, and Northwestern stands by Purdue in something bigger than sports

Monday had Ethan Wragge drain threes from anywhere and everywhere inside the First Union Center in Philadelphia.

In fact, Wragge did not miss in his first 7 attempts as the Bluejays hit their first nine shots from long distance.  This was all in the first 7 minutes and 15 seconds before National Player of the Year candidate Doug McDermott finally got in the act nailing a trey of his own from the top of the key.

The final score was 96-68, and the old record of 20 treys was broken at 21 (thank you, Kyle Korver).

Also Monday, Virginia upended North Carolina 76-61 while Kansas bounced back at home.  Ohio State was the latest possible Number 1 seed to slip down to a 2 or 3, thanks to losing in Nebraska of all places, 68 to 62.

But the “let’s put things in proper perspective game” took place in Evanston on Tuesday night.

I am sure you all know by now about the Electrical Engineering TA and the tragic circumstances that claimed the life of a 21 year old Wisconsin native.

The tragedy took place several hours before Purdue played at Northwestern.  Forget that the ‘Cats won in overtime.

The real fact is that some members of the NU student body cleverly went bare chested and spelled out this statement:


Sure, the people down in West Lafayette are still emotionally

and probably physically shaken by this senseless tragedy.

Again, this is a blog about college basketball.

My only comment about the events from Tuesday the 21st is simply this:

Violence is never the answer.  Never has been, never will be.

There are other avenues that students can take if they have difficulties in understanding a professor or just merely trying his/her best to get more than a passing grade on that semester’s/trimester’s final exam.

That is why there are crisis centers on many college campuses.

Yes, I realize we live in a different world than when I was a student in college during the first half of the 1990’s–where pretty much people came and went without too many cares in the world.

It only takes a few senseless acts to ruin it for many people–students, faculty, other administrators, support people, and alumni deeply touched like former superstar point guard Robbie Hummel who expressed both anger and concern in his statements leaked online shortly after the tragedy.

It is just…why do people have to do such stupid things to get their 15 minutes of fame?  If someone knows the answer to that question, more power to you.

Now before my stomach asks me to drink some more ginger ale, let us get back to the real reason why this blog exists:

To talk about the games that could impact the Big Dance and once the Big Dance comes, to celebrate it and enjoy it!

Also, to keep track daily of Arizona, Wichita State, Syracuse, and Murray State.

Why did I mention Murray State?

On Thursday, they had to push their game against Tennessee State up four hours to a 3 p.m. local time tip-off because on their campus website, a quote from the TVA (their local power company) mentioned that a “potential power outage…could affect some portions of campus, but not the residence halls.”

It was lights out early and often as the Racers won going away 92-53, led by Jeffrey Ross lighting up the scoreboard with 25 of his 31 points coming in the first half.

Saturday has Syracuse on the CBS airwaves down in semi-chilly Miami, while other games on cable might merit some attention:

noon Eastern, Florida State at Duke

George Washington and George Mason

1:30 p.m. Kansas State at Iowa State

3 p.m. Notre Dame at Wake Forest

4 p.m. St. John’s at Butler (finally coming off their first Big East conference win)

5 p.m. Wisconsin at Purdue (first game at home since the tragedy)

7 p.m. Michigan at Michigan State (this game might mean a lot before their CBS rematch in Ann Arbor a month later)

7 p.m. Colorado at Arizona State

9 p.m. Kansas at TCU (both schools have identical 9-4 records)

11:05 p.m. San Diego State at Utah State

Continue to stay warm, especially for those in the Midwest continuing to get hammered with more snow and belted with gusty winds.  Sure hope nobody loses power, especially me!


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