And there was one left

Wednesday night, a 19 loss team did the near equivalent of a 16 seed beating a 1.

That’s right, ladies and gentlemen.  Syracuse’s track for an undefeated season goes down in flames, thanks in large part to a rather paltry 32 percent shooting and not holding a 19 point lead at home.

The final score–Boston College 62, Syracuse 59 in overtime.  Perhaps the Orange was looking ahead to their big showdown game with Duke come Saturday night.  Not so fast, Syracuse fans!

This was the first time that a team with so many losses knocked off the top-ranked team in the country since 1955.  Holy Marty McFlies on that one!

This means, only mid-major Wichita State which won handily 88-74 at new Missouri Valley Conference member Loyola of Chicago is the last one standing.

Also of possible tournament seeding shakeups, Arizona survived just barely at Utah 67-63 and that game took another five minutes to settle matters.

With unsettling weather predicted for most of Thursday affecting the Midwest and the South in the form of rain and possible flooding to wash away most of the winter snow–I would not be surprised to see more games be rescheduled or postponed to another day.   That’s just my opinion, so I hope my power will stay on most of the time.  If not, I will hope to see you all during the weekend.  Take care.



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