For any ladies who might be reading, there is one very cute saying on the back of Manhattan’s warmups

If you just saw the often too familiar “AT&T At The Half” segment on CBS, head coach of Manhattan Steve Masiello talked for a segment with his players to CBS Sports analyst/studio co-host Clark Kellogg.  Their saying, stitched in green on the backs of their warmup jerseys had these initials:


One of their key players simply mentioned it as the slogan, “Team Over Everything.”

Too bad a few former game shows with multiple key players (ala Deal or No Deal) could not think of a name like that.

Back to some thrilling games as the second half begins in Brooklyn, Greensboro, and New Orleans.

And I hope I don’t catch any of you sleeping for this all-important, all too critical Sunday night session of Bracketology 401:

The Draw is finally revealed.  The Committee has all 68 schools picked, it is a final matter of the seeding process playing itself out in its’ final “Stone Cold, Lead Pipe” form.

See you later tonight!  This is going to be FUN.


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