Tip times and TV information for first two rounds

All times listed are in Eastern Time, with the second window in each doubleheader slate slated for 30 minutes after the conclusion of the first game.  Those start times are approximate, so it is best to check with Greg Gumbel and Ernie Johnson in New York or Matt Winer from Atlanta for the exact times.


TUESDAY, MARCH 18 (Play-by-Play/Color Commentary/Sideline Reporter)

6:40 p.m., truTV, Dayton: (16) Albany vs. (16) Mount St. Mary’s (Brian Anderson/Dan Bonner//Kristine Leahy)

9:10, truTV, Dayton: (12) North Carolina State vs. (12) Xavier (Brian Anderson/Dan Bonner//Kristine Leahy)


6:40 p.m., truTV, Dayton: (16) Cal Poly vs. (16) Texas Southern (Kevin Harlan/Len Elmore/Reggie Miller//Rachel Nichols)

9:10, truTV, Dayton: (11) Iowa vs. (11) Tennessee (Kevin Harlan/Len Elmore/Reggie Miller//Rachel Nichols)




12:15 p.m., CBS, Buffalo: (6) Ohio State vs. (11) Dayton (Verne Lundquist/Bill Raftery/Allie LaForce)

12:40, truTV, Milwaukee: (2) Wisconsin vs. (15) American (Ian Eagle/Jim Spanarkel/Lewis Johnson)

1:40, TBS, Orlando: (8) Colorado vs. (9) Pittsburgh (Anderson/Bonner/Leahy)

2:10, TNT, Spokane: (5) Cincinnati vs. (12) Harvard (Spero Dedes/Doug Gottlieb//Jaime Maggio)


2:45, CBS, Buffalo: (3) Syracuse vs. (14) Western Michigan (Verne Lundquist/Bill Raftery/Allie LaForce)

3:10, truTV, Milwaukee: (7) Oregon vs. (10) BYU (Ian Eagle/Jim Spanarkel/Lewis Johnson)

4:10, TBS, Orlando: (1) Florida vs. (16) Albany/Mount St. Mary’s (Anderson/Bonner/Leahy)

4:40, TNT, Spokane: (4) Michigan State vs. (13) Delaware (Spero Dedes/Doug Gottlieb//Jaime Maggio)


6:55, TBS, Buffalo: (7) UConn vs. (10) Saint Joseph’s (Verne Lundquist/Bill Raftery/Allie LaForce)

7:10, CBS, Milwaukee: (2) Michigan vs. (15) Wofford (Ian Eagle/Jim Spanarkel/Lewis Johnson)

7:20, TNT, Orlando: (5) Saint Louis vs. (12) N.C. State/Xavier (Anderson/Bonner/Leahy)

7:27, truTV, Spokane: (5) Oklahoma vs. (12) North Dakota State (Spero Dedes/Doug Gottlieb/Jaime Maggio)


9:25, TBS, Buffalo: (2) Villanova vs. (15) Milwaukee (Verne Lundquist/Bill Raftery/Allie LaForce)

9:40, CBS, Milwaukee: (7) Texas vs. (10) Arizona State (Ian Eagle/Jim Spanarkel/Lewis Johnson)

9:50, TNT, Orlando: (4) Louisville vs. (13) Manhattan (Anderson/Bonner/Leahy)

9:57, truTV, Spokane: (4) San Diego State vs. (13) New Mexico State (Spero Dedes/Doug Gottlieb/Jaime Maggio)


12:15 p.m., CBS, Raleigh: (3) Duke vs. (14) Mercer (Kevin Harlan/Len Elmore/Rachel Nichols)

12:40, truTV, San Antonio: (6) Baylor vs. (11) Nebraska (Marv Albert/Steve Kerr/Craig Sager)

1:40, TBS, St. Louis: (7) New Mexico vs. (10) Stanford (Jim Nantz/Greg Anthony/Tracy Wolfson)

2:10, TNT, San Diego: (1) Arizona vs. (16) Weber State (Andrew Catalon/Mike Gminski/Otis Livingston)


2:45, CBS, Raleigh: (6) UMass vs. (11) Iowa/Tennessee winner (Kevin Harlan/Len Elmore/Rachel Nichols)

3:10, truTV, San Antonio: (3) Creighton vs. (14) UL Lafayette (Marv Albert/Steve Kerr/Craigh Sager)

4:10, TBS, St. Louis: (2) Kansas vs. (15) Eastern Kentucky (Jim Nantz/Greg Anthony/Tracy Wolfson)

4:40, TNT, San Diego: (8) Gonzaga vs. (9) Oklahoma State (Andrew Catalon/Mike Gminski/Otis Livingston)


6:55, TBS, Raleigh: (8) Memphis vs. (9) George Washington (Kevin Harlan/Len Elmore/Rachel Nichols)

7:10, CBS, St. Louis: (1) Wichita State vs. (16) Cal Poly/Texas Southern winner (Jim Nantz/Greg Anthony/Tracy Wolfson)

7:20, TNT, San Antonio: (6) North Carolina vs. (11) Providence (Marv Albert/Steve Kerr/Craigh Sager)

7:27, truTV, San Diego: (5) VCU vs. (12) Stephen F. Austin (Andrew Catalon/Mike Gminski/Otis Livingston)


9:25, TBS, Raleigh: (1) Virginia vs. (16) Coastal Carolina (Kevin Harlan/Len Elmore/Rachel Nichols)

9:40, CBS, St. Louis: (8) Kentucky vs. (9) Kansas State (Jim Nantz/Greg Anthony/Tracy Wolfson)

9:50, TNT, San Antonio: (3) Iowa State vs. (14) North Carolina Central (Marv Albert/Steve Kerr/Craigh Sager)

9:57, truTV, San Diego: (4) UCLA vs. (13) Tulsa (Andrew Catalon/Mike Gminski/Otis Livingston)

One last note, when all sixteen games are done on Thursday–we will know the exact tip times and channels for the third round with CBS handling the day games and the other Turner outlets at night.  Similar case for Sunday once the Friday games have gone final.

Stay tuned to see my bracket, which hopefully will be scanned sometime tonight or during the day on Tuesday.


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