Blog Exclusive: My Picks for the 2014 NCAA Tournament

I thought about this long and hard during Sunday night and most of Monday, and I just could not see UMass winning a game–even though if Tennessee does sneak by Iowa on Wednesday night, they should have a huge edge in the rebounding department.

Louisville has way too much experience for Wichita State to handle.  It would have to take almost a Villanova over Georgetown type of effort circa 1985 to pull off this upset in Indianapolis.  I just don’t see it happening.  Duke’s outside shooting will hurt them the deeper they go, and VCU simply may not have enough scoring punch to get back into games if they fall behind.

And with Joel Embiid’s status still up in the air for Kansas, Rock, Chalk, Jayhawk might get clipped before they hit the tarmac to go to the airport.

With those points in mind, my picks can be found by clicking on the link below (it will open up in a PDF file). 

Hopefully, I will cash in big time by this coming weekend.
Enjoy, kids!

Bracket Picks


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