North Carolina barely (and I mean barely) squeaks by Providence

Bryce Cotton did all he could, but in the end–the Friars could not corral two key rebounds in the final 10 seconds.  North Carolina moves on with a 79-77 win.

The oddest record was met, near the original site the old record was set in

Oklahoma State and Gonzaga staged a battle royale.

Not WWE or UFC related, but it was pretty close according to this blog reporter.

And poor Andrew Catalon, who had to mention while the screen crawl meandered along chopping off our ability to see the other scores in progress since the game resembled Game 7 of an NBA playoff series.  In all, 61 total fouls were committed.

The last time there were that many fouls in a Tournament game, it was at the 1975 Final Four just down the street at the old UC San Diego Arena involving Syracuse and Kentucky, a game in which Kentucky won before bowing out in what would be John Wooden’s last hurrah for UCLA.

And yet, Marcus Smart tried and tried and tried, but his team could not get over the hump.

Good luck in the NBA, that’s all I have to say about that.

Finally, did anyone manage to see the impressive alumni list of Cal Poly?  Chuck Liddell of UFC fame and John Madden went to school there, so thanks to CBS for reviving a past Tournament tradition which used to be done by them during every first round game from 1991 to the mid-late 2000’s.

Also, did anyone really miss Sir Charles on the broadcasts?  He is in a trio of really cute Capitol One ads, a pair of them with CBS analyst Greg Anthony.  I like the one when he tries to mimic his bobblehead pose, so funny.

The other games were mostly decided by the middle stages of the second half.

One more update to come later tonight as Kentucky and Kansas State battle in the shadows of the Gateway Arch to see who will be the next opponent for 35-0 Wichita State.  That’s right, we are seeing history as the first school to win their first 35 games in NCAA history is the Shockers from Wichita, Kansas.  You can take that statement before CBS begins Round Three at high noon Eastern time on Saturday.  But unlike in years past, you won’t miss much until the early evening.  Full schedule will be posted soon.


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