I understand why some people did not care for the Teamcasts, but please hear me out a bit

16.7 million total viewers watched all three of the Turner outlets on Saturday night.

Albeit it was TBS’ maiden voyage for Super Saturday, TNT and TruTV had specific announcers tailored towards their schools.
If you ask most people, they usually associate basketball by watching it on TNT and for good reason:  They have been doing the NBA quite well for nearly a quarter century.  TBS, on the other hand has not any NBA games since the late 1980’s.

As Ernie Johnson himself said during the three-hour long pregame show is, “straight down the middle.”

Unbiased, no homerism there.

But perhaps the best commentary came out of the mouth of Sir Charles Barkley.

His words simply spoke for themselves.

Sure hope they bring it back for 2015.

And next year, maybe I will think of using some poster boards to differentiate between which school has which channel the game perspective will be airing from.

Maybe then and only then will Americans really understand.

Enjoy the game tonight.

P.S. Nice to see President Bill Clinton in Jerry Jones’ private box high above AT&T Stadium.  It was 20 years ago tonight when the First Family was in attendance at Charlotte to see his Arkansas Razorbacks win the national title over a gutsy Duke squad.  And earlier today, former Arkansas Coach Nolan Richardson was elected to the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame along with 2002 National champion coach of Maryland, Gary Williams.


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