Two prominent conferences to switch tournament dates come March 2015

Long the hallmark of Selection Sunday’s final handful of games before the release of the tournament draw, the Atlantic Coast Conference will be reverting back to having their title game played on Saturday night on ESPN instead of Sunday afternoon.  Figure on the fact with Louisville coming in and 2013 entrants in Notre Dame, Pittsburgh, and Syracuse–this is the true treasure trove of college hoop nirvana, bar none (minus the extra elbows and periodic fighting that marred the early days of the Big East during most of the 1980’s).

That announcement occurred a few weeks before the recently minted AAC (American Athletic Conference) decided on May 28 during their annual summer meetings in Florida that with the additions of East Carolina, Tulane, and Tulsa–that 11 team league will play their conference championship game on Selection Sunday:

2015 at Hartford, 2016 and 2017 at Amway Center in Orlando.

In other words, more people will get to voice more opinions about SMU and whether they would be really tournament worthy after not receiving a bid this past March to the Big Dance.

More news about which key games will be played on which days/nights, times, and broadcast information will be released later in the summer. 

So, please stay tuned periodically as I will continue to check the Web for more interesting college hoops stories outside of the ACC and maybe the SEC experimenting with a 30 second shot clock to be used in exhibition games only.  Also, a cool story where Ole Miss Coach Andy Kennedy mentioned on a blog site affiliated with Mississippi athletics about possibly giving star players unlimited fouls.  Instead of having the current five fouls and you’re out scenario, the sixth personal foul accumulated by a player would mean having in his mind–two free throws plus possession of the ball similar to a Flagrant 1 technical foul situation.

Some stuff to chew on as you continue to watch the wind blow and the ice to your favorite glass of tea or lemonade slowly melt away underneath the hot rays of the sun.



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