A different July 4th Tradition, but it is a great way to let the hours pass by

Hope everyone’s summer is going well thus far.

For many years, since I mostly consider attending parades as passe or mostly great for kids–and the simple fact that hearing too many fireworks is overrated:

Why not have some extra fun with your holiday barbeque and that independent CD that you managed to pick up online in the last month or so?

Back when CBS held the exclusive rights to the NCAA Tournament, I would often find myself recording the first and most of the second rounds.  One videocassette would last me for each of the day and evening sessions, two per day except three during the first weekend.

The results–instant fun and playback from five to six hours at a time.

And for games that were not televised in your local area, you can always check YouTube and try to find other games that you might have missed initially.

The best part for me doing this almost every week around Independence Day:

I get to counteract the natural fireworks with the crowd noise from back in the day!

Today’s selection, 2006 First Round Day and Night One

Wisconsin-Milwaukee pummels Oklahoma in Jacksonville, while Wichita State and Seton Hall do battle in Greensboro (special prayers to those being affected by Hurricane Arthur).

Besides, we are about halfway home to kicking off the new season come November.  A small hint of autumn weather penetrated my area of the Midwest on Thursday, so could this be a hint of things to come?

Hopefully, I will try my best to digest key schedules when each of the 380 plus Division One schools release their official schedules to the public late in July.

At least in my residence, Happy Tournament Flashback Week!