Sure hope and pray that UCLA gets their water situation resolved

What a week for Los Angeles, and I am not taking anything lightly here.

For those not in the know, the water main break occurred on Sunset Boulevard on Tuesday, July 29 (which normally is a very busy street in Los Angeles).  Unlike a normal water main when it breaks, it only happens in one spot.  However, this particular water main broke in two different places, thereby sending gallons of water into eight major buildings on the UCLA campus.

That included the recently renovated court inside Pauley Pavilion.

I am sure you can find sports and news sites across the Web that showed how bad that court was seeped under water.  Even the locker rooms and the Pavilion Club had paint being buckled on the walls.

Just fyi, a normal college basketball court costs between $60,000 to $80,000 to replace.  After the dozens of industrial sized fans and hopefully many cans of aerosol used to make the inside of the gym smell better–maybe, just maybe off in the distance, we could be hearing alumnus Bill Walton talking poetically about why the campus should not suffer this type of disaster. 


In other news…Shaka Smart and the VCU Rams debuted new uniforms.  If that change makes them a threat in the 2014-2015 NCAA Tournament–the only question I have is, can they answer the bell when the time comes?

See you later on in the month when I hope to give my initial thoughts on some of the early non-conference schedules.  Enjoy the rest of the summer.


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