Brief thought about the NBA expanding their All-Star Break to one full week

On Wednesday afternoon, when the NBA schedule was released–it made one huge change.  The All-Star break, usually occurring around Valentine’s Day will no longer be four days (Friday through President’s Day Monday).

Instead, it will be an entire week (Friday to the following Thursday).

Hopefully, the higher suits at ESPN, Fox Sports One, and CBS to a certain degree will be taking full advantage (weather permitting of course in the megalopolis area dotting major campuses up and down the New England region) and showcase marquee conference and if needed, a few non-conference matchups to get all college fans to whet their appetites with only a month before the tournament draw takes place.

I have some suggestions to take note, since we all know fully well that ESPN already has a name for that time during the ‘dog days’ of February.

That name is termed as, “Judgment Week.”

For instance, how about in the future:

Louisville-Pittsburgh or Syracuse-Duke play on a Sunday

Michigan State or Michigan-Maryland on a Tuesday

Likewise, we could have Florida-Kentucky on that same Super Tuesday

and if the programs are on the way up, we could have Tennessee’s bench staring 94 feet away at the cavernous Memorial Gymnasium in Vanderbilt.

Or, how about having the Battle of Oklahoma or Texas-Texas Tech on that Wednesday.

The Pac-12 could have the Apple Battle in Washington or the Mini Civil War with Oregon-Oregon State, or the Inner City battle with USC and UCLA squaring off on a Thursday.

It is great to dream, but hopefully it won’t be too long before those schedules might become reality.


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