Having John Calipari invite NBA brass for two days is nice, but it comes with a caveat

Just counting down the days to the start of another rim-rocking, who’s going to be the next Shabazz Napier/Kemba Walker/Stephen Curry/Bryce Drew type of a player that can literally carry a school on his back towards a berth in the upcoming NCAA Tournament…

Earlier this week, plenty of media reports surfaced online with Kentucky coach John Calipari holding a two-day scouting combine in front of executives from all 30 NBA teams.

After those two days, practices will be cut off to the general public.

Either that tells me Coach Calipari is either turning over a different leaf or maybe lingering questions from last April’s rather lackluster performance in the championship game loss to Connecticut could rekindle some new sparks that are lighting from within the weight rooms on the Lexington campus.

Speaking of past UConn memories, former longtime head coach Jim Calhoun was recently hired to join the ESPN College Gameday crew with Stan Heath and President Obama’s brother-in-law, former Oregon State head man Craig Robinson.

Apparently, it took three former coaches to fill the seat smartly occupied for 20 years by former Notre Dame head coach Digger Phelps who retired after this past season had concluded.  I am sure ESPN will be fine with the changes, but when rumblings began about Dickie V looking to stick around in Florida more often than surviving the brutal winters in the new look ACC and Big Ten, that is when things will really be different.

Back to surviving the final days of the baseball season.  More goodies to come just in time before Halloween with my Second Annual Season Preview.