Why the NCAA should not mess with Selection Sunday

Yes, I get why ESPN is milking this College Football Playoff thing.
It is way more entertaining than the BCS ever was.

I compare it to when CNBC dominated the financial channels during the 1990’s and early 2000’s.  Everyone was either a Jim Kramer or Maria Bartiromo fan.  But the hardcore fans also got some periodic and great insight from Liz Claman and Melissa Francis.  Fast forward a few years later, and a new business channel actually speaks out Main Street issues and not talking down to viewers in the Fox Business Network.

And guess who has two of the most popular shows during the business hours?  You guessed it, Liz Claman and Melissa Francis.  Yes, Maria Bartiromo even has her own two-hour gabfest every morning.

My point being regarding the NCAA talking about messing with success:

They have already messed it up, adding three additional “Opening Round” games.

If ESPN or CBS decided to take 30 minutes, let’s say on a Wednesday or Thursday night starting after the Super Bowl and revealing to the world your hypothetical 2, 3, and 4 seeds with the 5, 6, 7, and 8 as the cut-off line…

I bet not many people would watch.  I am usually too busy listening to great alternative/independent rock music at that hour.

Usually, there are games going on in most of the country at that hour.

The allure of Selection Sunday has always been the drama, “Who’s In?”  “Who’s Out”?  “Who will be the last 11 or 12 seed to sneak into Dayton?”

Having CBS set up live simultaneous remotes at nine different places makes this event must-see TV.  Seeing Greg Gumbel announce the seedings and the pairings hightens the dramas even more.

And then, we talk about it–who was snubbed, why was St. Louis last year a 5 seed instead of an 8, 9, or 10?  Why was Wichita State stuck in the “Region of Doom” with both Kentucky AND Louisville in the same side of the bracket?

Even in recent years, Sir Charles Barkley waxes poetic with Clark Kellogg.  My guess is when his time is up at Turner Sports, Sir Charles may be finally gearing up to either becoming the next great Senator from Alabama or possibly becoming a talk show host somewhere.  He would be good at it, no matter what topic he brings up.

Bottom line, the anticipation of the bubble teams is the central reason on why journalists and bloggers like me fantasize about the 68 teams that get in every March.  We love to talk about it just as much (if not more than) women discussing the latest trends in fashion…what shoes are the hottest in style entering the holiday season and what clothes would look great around the office and what could be the trendsetting outfits that could turn guy’s heads at a holiday party?

Besides, you wouldn’t want Joe Lunardi of ESPN or Jerry Palm of CBSSports.com out of work, wouldn’t you?

Just saying.  Have a pleasant day and thanks for reading my blog.


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