It won’t be long until the Super Bowl Megacast populates our TV screens

I predicted the year that I graduated from college in 1995, that whichever network held the TV rights to that year’s Super Bowl, the corresponding pregame show would exceed five hours in length.

Case in point:  2014 on Fox, it was 5 1/2 hours.

This year, Comcast really fluffs out their Peacock colors as NBC will be airing live and taped story features like it is their mini Olympics party for a six 1/2 hour pregame show.

With the success of ESPN’s college football Megacast, I would not be at all surprised that sometime in the next five to ten years, whichever TV network or cable channel ends up carrying the Super Bowl (dare I say ESPN), we would probably be seeing something very similar.

Besides the NBCSports Live Extra app giving us multiple camera angles and enhanced statistics, in a perfect world…

If and only if NBC Universal pooled all of their Olympic sized resources to America’s Unofficial National Holiday, this is what fans would probably be seeing on other cable channels:

CNBC, Jim Cramer goes simply nuts, while Michele Caruso-Cabrera hangs out inside major restaurants gauging the vibe in downtown Phoenix.

MSNBC, political pundits on both sides of the aisle pretend to actually know what they are talking about.

USA Network, the entire cast of Necessary Roughness discuss the game and all of the commercials.  Meanwhile, on a separate hidden camera hooked up in their very large kitchen is Callie Thorne and John Stamos separately and together discussing their formulas on cooking up the perfect Big Game meal.

SyFy, Tiffany and Debbie Gibson bring many hot goblins to enjoy the game.

Telemundo, Maria Celeste dissects the commercials En Espanol.

E!, the true women’s gabfest–Kathy Griffin leads the revamped group at Fashion Police in dissecting not only the key plays, but what the announcers were wearing, Katy Perry’s outfit during the halftime show, Aubrey Plaza’s hair in her over-the-top branding ad…

the outlandish sets used for the Budweiser ads, etc.

The Golf Channel, how golf and football intersect together…not!

And in future years when The Big Game is played at outdoor stadiums…

The Weather Channel, Jim Cantore explains after every play the direction of the winds and how the football spirals in different directions on every kickoff, punt, field goal attempt and passes thrown by the quarterback.  On a separate camera, Al Roker and Stephanie Abrams join Jen Carfagno discussing their tasty appetizer dishes.


Anyways, several huge games in college basketball tonight including Rhode Island at VCU, and Missouri and Kentucky leading the charge.  Have a great rest of the day.


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