While college hoops took a much deserved day off…

…several thoughts ran through my mind during the second annual tonnage aka ESPN’s Megacast.

The first point and it is a very big one–almost on par with grabbing your hands on a newly minted Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue…

Get used to it, America–the College Football Playoff is here to stay.  It is refreshing Alphabet Soup devised by 13 creative football minds (although some are still questioning why former Secretary of State Condeleeza Rice was appointed as part of this esteemed panel, but I digress).

BCS, be d————– (there, I said it).  Hardly Knew Ye.

Second, with the way technology has come so far so fast since basically the creation of the BlackBerry in 2005, let alone when people started hearing what the Internet was in its’ primitive forms in 1995 (how did I know then–I read every book from beginning to end in my small town public library during that entire summer, and boy–it was one interesting ride), all of ESPN’s channels catered to different fans:

ESPN2 with coaches insights

ESPNNEWS with “Off The Ball” as players and analysts dissected the plays outside of the line of scrimmage.

ESPN Classic was like you were at the stadium, no filter.  No announcers, just the game in its’ purest form.

And of course, online with the Spyder Cam and the rooting sections camped inside the student unions at both campuses with their online vehicle at Watch ESPN (ESPN3 for most people).  In other words, this was the instant forum for a group of students who couldn’t afford a ticket to the inaugural CFP title game in Arlington, Texas.  One group would be happy, the other group would just be twiddling their smartphones hoping for something good to happen.

ESPNU pairing a baseball analyst in Aaron Boone, soccer analyst and former Women’s World Cup champion player Julie Foudy, supreme college hoops analyst Jay Bilas, one-time L.A. Kings hockey coach Barry Melrose, NFL analyst who had 29 surgeries while playing with Denver and Washington in Mark Schlereth, and PTI’s own intellectual talker, Northwestern’s own Michael Wilbon.

I watched that portion of the Megacast and actually found it fun.  Aaron Boone claimed to have watched “85 percent of the bowl games”, while Julie Foudy brought back a souvenir from her 2010 World Cup, those nasty instruments called vuvuzelas–and even Mark Schlereth mastered breathing into it.  But no question, Michael Wilbon had most of the lines of the night–too numerous to mention in this small space.  Jay Bilas was a close second.

And yes, many media members feel the same way about the CFP.  Take for example, the letter sent by Jon Solomon of CBSSports.com:


Yes, someday the CFP ratings may exceed that of the Super Bowl itself.

In a dream world, I see this happening on the day of The Big Game…

please read my next blog.


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