More great news for student athletes in the Power Five conferences

More great news from the NCAA was ruled by a 79-1 decision, the lone vote against came from an ACC school.

In what is being labelled as, “full cost of attendance”, each school in the ACC, Big Ten, Big 12, Pac-12, and SEC will increase the value of key athletic scholarships towards covering expenses beyond just tuition, books, along with room and board.  It will also include transportation costs (again, considering the recent increases with the cost of air fuel before the sudden drop in oil prices during the final three months of 2014) and other miscellaneous expenses.

Also passed was a resolution on autonomy that guarantees all scholarships can never be reduced or canceled for athletics reasons, plus more stringent concussion protocols were established in time for next fall in the football season.

It is about time that the NCAA is finally figuring out how to help the many thousands of athletes who are students ages 18 to 22.  For too long, they survived on very archaic rules which most Fortune 500 companies compare to living the life of Huckleberry Hound and Heathcliff the Cat (two popular cartoons from the 20th century, for those not young enough to remember).  Students can also now borrow against future earnings, which has several coaches to be sure in a major bind–both ethically and financially speaking.

The rules about scholarships are going to change, but will they change for the better?  If and only if the lower rung sports like rugby, volleyball, and wrestling don’t get cut from mid-major schools, then I applaud these decisions.

Only time will tell.


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