400 coaches took part in ESPN poll concerning revision of shot clock

ESPN ran a graphic on Thursday afternoon saying in no particular detail that over 30 percent of 400 men’s college basketball coaches that were polled want to see the shot clock be revised from the 35 seconds which has been in play since the 1992-93 season down to 30 seconds.

Personally, the NCAA has done a lot to mimic the NBA game:

The widening of the lane and increasing the distance for a three-point shot from 19 feet, 9 inches to the current 21 feet, 6 inches.  The Olympic distance that FIBA uses in international play is an even 22 feet arc compared to the NBA’s long standing 23 feet, 9 inches except 22 at both corners.

But again, if they really want to mimic parts of an NBA game:

Bring back the jump ball!  This alternating possession junk stinks IMHO!

And if a star player gets five fouls and there are more than 10 minutes remaining in the second half, let him get a breather until the next media time out at under 8 minutes.  The coach can then let him re-enter the game provided that he doesn’t commit another foul.  If he does, then he will be not only disqualified from that game but also would have to be forced to sit the first 10 minutes of their next game.

Something to think about.


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