Top 7 teams remain the same, but Kansas loses at Kansas State

Kansas State may not be going dancing anytime soon, but Bruce Weber was able to cook up some magic in Manhattan on Monday night.

The final score was 70-63, as the Jayhawks only shot 22 of 56 for 39 percent.  A career high of 20 came off the bench by Nigel Johnson–even though the Wildcats were badly outrebounded 35 to 26.

This means, more than likely if things play out the next 19 days–look for Wichita State to grab the final number 2 seed.  Kansas will probably end up being a high 3 seed.

Top seven teams remain the same

With Gonzaga’s impressive close-shave win at St. Mary’s on Sunday night, Gonzaga might have locked up the final number 1 seed.  Depending on how Duke, Villanova, and Arizona finish their seasons–just consider the overall body of work and you should see why Gonzaga should finally earn a top seed.

I will go on record and say it with near 100 percent certainty:

If Gonzaga does not get a number 1 seed, then some of the Committee members should be fired.

Louisville has no depth, very little bench after departure of Chris Jones

The senior guard was having a season to dream of before Rick Pitino decided to dismiss him on Sunday. reported on Monday showed even more disturbing evidence when he used his texting mechanisms in the wrong place at the wrong time.  The full report is there, just fyi.

Even though Louisville escaped an upset bid at Georgia Tech, 52-51–it appears the glory times for the Cardinals are fading away.  A key component to surviving in March is overall player depth–Kentucky has it, Wichita State and Gonzaga also have it, but Louisville does not.  Pending on what type of draw they get on Selection Sunday, I would not be shocked to see a possible upset come the First/Second Round that first Thursday or Friday.

Another light schedule on Tuesday, so I hope to check back in if there is another upset.

Instead, I will be providing a fun and different feature:

The Top 10 NCAA Tournament Venues By Round, As Chosen By Me

First up this week, the early rounds (yes, past gyms and other stadiums not in existence might get mentioned).

Next week, the Top 10 Regional sites (Sweet 16 and Elite 8 sites).

Just before the conference tournaments hit high gear across the country–the Top 10 Final Four sites of all-time (complete with pics from the eras when applicable).


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