Dayton wins thriller, Robert Morris upends North Florida

What drama, what intrigue on Wednesday night:

Paced by the 21 from Lucky Jones (no misprint on his name), Rodney Pryor had 20 and Marcquie Reed scored 19 for an 81-77 close shave decision over the Ospreys of North Florida.

The Colonials had not won a tournament game since 1983.  Next up for Robert Morris is Duke–in Charlotte on Friday on CBS.

Dayton survives scare from Boise State

The Flyers were the visiting team on the scoreboard, but yet they were back in familiar surroundings inside a raucous Dayton Arena.

Senior Jordan Sibert, whom Dayton Head Coach Archie Miller told Evan Washburn called, “a cornerstone leader”, drained a three-point shot with 35.1 seconds left to give Dayton a 56-55 lead.  But with 12,592 screaming fans–the Flyers scored 10 of the last 12 points.

However, Boise State did have two chances to win on their own terms.  The last shot was an inadvertent play where Derrick Marks tried to be the hero (his 21 points came at just under 50 percent shooting going 10 for 21 on the night).  His body drew contact, but the referees put down the whistle.

And yes, if you were all scoring at home and we had to actually pick the games–I went 1 and 3, with Dayton being the lone game I picked correctly.


The Round of 64, and as former longtime CBS broadcaster Brent Musburger used to say throughout most of the 1980’s:

“These are the four fastest days in sports.”

My plan to blog these 48 games over the next four days is simple:

  • If and only if there are true upsets (15 over a 2, 14 over a 3, etc.), those games will get blogged immediately.
  • If form holds and the higher seeds mostly carry the day (including any 9 tipping over a 8 seeded team), I plan to blog twice on Thursday and Friday:  Once in the late afternoon around 5 p.m. Eastern time and again, when the final game ends late at night.
  • For the Round of 32, I plan to blog only at night when each set of eight games concludes.

See you then.  Hopefully, we won’t be too weary eyed when Drew Carey brings out Rachel Reynolds, Amber Lancaster, and others from “Carey’s Cuties” on The Price is Right immediately before the tournament begins in earnest.

The real lid lifter is in the Steel City of Pittsburgh at 12:15 p.m. Eastern time on CBS, as the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame for the second time since 2010 will lead off–in a 3/14 matchup with Northeastern.

The cable games begin a little later:

12:40 p.m. on truTV, 1:40 on TBS, and finally 2:10 is the start for TNT’s coverage.

Enjoy the games, everybody!


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