Jim Boeheim to retire from Syrcause in 2018

Hearing part of the longtime Syracuse head coach’s press conference made me think one thing as we launch another fun weekend on the American sports calendar:

I bet the late Jerry Tarkanian is smiling somewhere in heaven.

For some of you that might not remember, “The Shark” used to go after the NCAA often.  As archaic as an organization it has and still is to this day, most everyday Americans consider the NCAA as low as most of our elected Senators to the United States Congress.

Bottom line was Coach Boeheim went through most of that scathing report detailing Syracue’s past misdeeds.  No question about it, the Syracuse “brand” has always been copied but never really caught on–except for when a random fly would circle the building during practice.

The run will end at Syracuse in 2017-2018, that is all we know.

And yes, these types of legal deals–it doesn’t come as any type of surprise to this blog reporter.  This happens in major corporations all the time.

Unlike when Jim Calhoun stepped down at Connecticut and appointed former decent point guard Kevin Ollie as the new coach, it will be interesting to see who will get groomed for this position.

Similar to Syracuse, UConn started literally from the bottom and took a natural progression to the top.  They did things well and they did them consistently.

As you watch the games today, take some mental notes on what the coaches do with their players–especially late in the game when time outs are more frequent that trips to your fridge to get your latest drink (preferably non-alcoholic, of course).  Do they actually take the team to teach the right play, or do they chew out the star player(s) because of one egregious mistake?

The coaches that handle pressure well and guide the players that make the right plays which will stand in our minds forever…those are the people we remember the most:

John Wooden, Dean Smith, Mike Krzyzewski, Brad Stevens, Homer Drew, the list goes on and on…

Enjoy the games!


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