Second Shocker of Round 2, as Georgia State upsets Baylor

Not even one full hour had passed after the UAB Blazers upended Big 12 tourney champion Iowa State, but we have another 14 seed upsetting a 3!

This time, it was in Jacksonville…

Led by Head Coach Ron Hunter wheeling plays while sitting intently on a stool, he watched his son R.J. score 12 of the Panthers’ final 13 points in the last 2:39 of play as Georgia State takes down Baylor 60-59.  The game winner came with 35 seconds to go with a line drive three some 30 to 35 feet away from the basket.


The strange thing about this particular game was that Baylor held a huge edge of rebounding in the second half–nearly a ratio of 3 to 1.  But Georgia State rarely coughed up the ball on their end, and some of that led to Baylor turning over the ball 10 times in the second half.

As long as you have hope, great things can happen.

Coach Hunter said it in the locker room moments before tip off, “Stick together.”  And boy, did they ever down the stretch!

What a way to savor the program’s first Tournament win since 2001.

In the second wave of games this afternoon…

You can safely pencil in Arizona to the Third Round, as they are lambasting Texas Southern by 25 midway through the second half in Portland.

Butler and Texas are in another battle royale in Pittsburgh, with the Bulldogs leading 28-26 at the half.

In Louisville, UCLA and SMU were tied 27 up with 2:11 left in the first half.

More updates to come tonight.  I definitely need to take a small breather after seeing a pair of seismic upsets affecting the Big 12 Conference.

Wow, this is what the early rounds of the Big Dance are really about.


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