Dayton the only lower seed to win on Friday, while Duke and Wisconsin cruise

Not much you missed on Friday, but two great defensive stands by Maryland (blocked shot against Valparaiso) and Louisville (steal with less than 9 seconds left against UC Irvine) vaulted many higher seeds to the Round of 32.

Ian Eagle mentioned a very cool statistic which I never knew in all of my years following the NCAA’s expansion to 64 teams way back in 1985:

The stat was that no higher seed has won all 16 games during Round 1.  If Providence had beaten Dayton in the last game of the night at Columbus, it would have been a special kind of history.

The only true history belonged to Lon Kruger of Oklahoma.  He becomes the first coach in NCAA history to win at least one tournament game with five different schools.

But the cool image of the night was seeing Peter Hoosley’s parents via satellite watching her son play on their computers Down Under in Australia.  Lucky for us and all fans of Albany basketball, he is only a junior–so we will get to see him again perform online and occasionally on ESPN next fall and winter.

The game I am looking forward to the most is Kansas vs. Wichita State.  The Shockers wanted to play the Jayhawks in the past, but Kansas scoffed at the idea of playing them.  They are forced to appear in this budding intrastate rivalry and I am sure Omaha will be rocking, just like Duke was in Charlotte and Gonzaga up in Seattle (but it was not a huge blowout like the other games were, as the 1 seed is all-time 124-0 against the lowly 16 seeds).

Small change in which schools get key TV slots, as marquee programs appear early–not late at night

In the older package when CBS had exclusive rights, usually during the first weekend–Saturday would have some decent teams in the late morning slot and the marquee games involving the likes of Duke, Kentucky, and in years past Wake Forest and Purdue–were often given the early prime-time slots.

Things are going to be different, as Kentucky’s attempt to go 36-0 will be on in the mid-afternoon.

Here is your full Round 3 schedule for Saturday and Sunday:

Round Time (ET) Game Net
Saturday, March 21
Second Round (Jacksonville, Louisville, Pittsburgh, Portland)
2:40 PM Kentucky/Cincinnati CBS
5:15 PM Arizona/Ohio State CBS
6:10 PM Xavier/Georgia State TNT
7:10 PM Villanova/NC State TBS
7:45 PM Utah/Georgetown CBS
8:40 PM
North Carolina/Arkansas TNT
9:40 PM Notre Dame/Butler TBS
Sunday, March 22
Second Round (Charlotte, Columbus, Omaha, Seattle)
12:10 PM Virginia/Michigan State CBS
2:40 PM Duke/San Diego State CBS
5:15 PM Kansas/Wichita State CBS
6:10 PM Oklahoma/Dayton TNT
7:10 PM Gonzaga/Iowa TBS
7:45 PM Wisconsin/Oregon TruTV
8:40 PM
Maryland/West Virginia TNT
9:40 PM Louisville/Northern Iowa TBS

I missed only one game, namely Oklahoma State–but I did have Dayton winning on Friday.  So, I was 15-1 on Friday which makes me 23-9 overall through Round 2.

The rest of my updates from this point on will be at night, depending on if the last game of the evening is a complete blowout–I will try my best to get my nightly update to you a bit earlier.  Have a good night, everybody.


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