With the retirement of David Letterman as “King of Late Night” television…

…I wonder how CBS and Turner are going to approach Stephen Colbert’s show during future NCAA Tournaments.

Clearly, it is a different era after 6,032 shows (four in prime-time) and 5,614 “Top Ten” lists.
If I was start a list on things that I hope the powers of college basketball could fix, I would probably come off as a laughingstock, a hound for all things for key information and insight you can’t find anywhere else–in print or in this virtual blogosphere.

The midnight or so airings during the first two rounds and the Sweet 16 rounds will still be happening on CBS, but it will not carry the same pizzazz as it did for a quarter of a century.  Yes, one of Ball State’s most famous alums and the one-time WISH TV Indianapolis weatherman definitely created quite a legacy for present and future late night kings (and queens) to follow for decades to come.

Dave, here’s wishing many fans will get the chance to see you at the IndyCar race tracks.  You deserve to have some fun!   Happy retirement.


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