NCAA Tournament Redux: 2005 First Round

With over 2/3 of the schools around the United States realizing that the past season ended nearly four months ago and that we are reaching the midway point towards a new season…

I thought this week leading up to Independence Day would be a nice refresher course on some cool NCAA Tournament history–back when CBS had the full, exclusive rights to cover every single game.

The best part about that era from 1982 to 2010 (especially starting in 1991), we all knew when the games would air–both in the afternoon and night.

You had your steady 5 hour blocks (noon to 5 or 5:30 p.m. Eastern, followed by the prime-time sessions that first Thursday and Friday).

(And yes, Greg Gumbel’s 2001 nod briefly making fun of the opening credits to Survivor was in fact true.)

For some of you who might have missed this fun game initially, I will start this cool look back with a First Round game in Oklahoma City when mid-major Bucknell gave powerhouse Kansas more than they could handle:

Tomorrow, I will look back at a Second Round game for the ages.


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