2005 NCAA Tournament Redux, Sweet 16 Dreams Were Made Of This

With all apologies to Annie Lennox, lead singer for popular early 1980’s rock group in The Eurythmics, the 2005 Midwest Regional Sweet 16 round was simply some amazing basketball played within a train ride’s distance of one of the greatest sports towns in the world–Chicago.

After Illinois sliced and diced Bruce Pearl’s upstarts in the Wisconsin-Milwaukee Panthers in the earlier game, the 3 seed of Arizona led by Channing Frye and Salim Stoudamire took on the second seed of Oklahoma State.

This game featured so many great plays–but it was a shame that one of the teams had to lose:

Tomorrow, while everyone else is enjoying parades and sampling hot dogs and burgers off the grill–start your fireworks right here with an Elite Eight game worth seeing over and over again (especially the last nine minutes of game play) with the winner getting a hard-earned trip down the Stevenson Expressway (aka I-55) to the Gateway Arch and St. Louis.


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