From the I Kid You Not Department: Kentucky fans launch an online dating site

The first time I read about this while clicking on some random links on the morning of July 4 at before I cooked up some delicious Ball Park Angus beef hot dogs, I ran across this headline:

Dating site for Kentucky fans goes live, is actual, real thing that exists

Matt Norlander’s article details what will be happening when the site goes live on July 15.

On that day and every day after, if you are looking for Mr. or Mrs. Right and share that love interest in all things Big Blue Nation–then this dating site is just for you.

(Soap Box Moment–ooooooooooh, if that kind of website was around in 1990 shortly after French graduate Ashley Judd received her diploma…)

Searchable profiles will go live again on that same day–Wednesday, July 15.

You can learn more at the link given above, or hit up the site on Twitter with their username, @BBNmeetup

I only wonder how many pizza and root beer parties will actually take place during the upcoming college hoops season, inbetween the ladies mostly watching binge episodes of Ellen or The Voice.  Makes me wonder even more.

Happy dating!


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