Raining threes of a different sort

While most of America was watching the opening games in the NFL…

For the third time in the last four years, Kentucky has put on an alumni basketball game at famed Rupp Arena.  Call it your basic glorified pick-up game.  And it was sold out just FYI, 23,000 strong to be precise.

After watching the clips, look out for DeMarcus Cousins possibly raining threes:


The funds helped out both schools for programs that need lots of financial help.  It also established some additional needed funds for the new Dean Smith award, of which I spoke about recently in this blog space.

At the bottom of this particular article is a video done by some of the players.  Very interesting hearing their thoughts, especially considering the general fact that most of today’s marquee players usually stick around for one or possibly two years while enrolled in school:


Couple that with John Calipari being inducted into the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame this past Friday night only speaks more volumes to what the man has truly accomplished.  If you get some time, please check out his induction speech–very humble and heartfelt, especially when talking about his family and every player that he coached from the UMass and Memphis days, along with his current crop at Kentucky.

An honor well deserved.


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