Petco Park latest baseball venue to try college basketball

Bill Walton spearheading effort for weeklong festival culminating with basketball game on infield of San Diego Padres home stadium

While most people will be shopping until there’s no tomorrow in the first days of December, a really cool thing is going to be taking place shortly after the Thanksgiving holiday weekend in San Diego.

Led by 1974 UCLA graduate and super loyal Grateful Dead fan Bill Walton, he will be volunteering his time in youth clinics, community league games, some high school games, and other charity games all leading up to San Diego battling San Diego State on Saturday, December 5.

The game will take place at 5 p.m. Eastern time and will utilize primarily the area directly in front of the third base dugout, as both baskets will be used just in front of third base and the right field foul line.  The scorer’s table will be normally where the pitcher’s mound is.

According to the report on from September 23, expect a bigger announcement that possibly a top flight program such as Arizona or Gonzaga could provide the opposition in December 2016.

More details about the event can be found here:


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