SMU to be banned from 2016 postseason play

Hall of Fame coach Larry Brown will also be suspended

What swift timing again by the NCAA.

According to reports led by Jeff Goodman of ESPN, the SMU Mustangs will not be eligible to compete in the 2016 NCAA or NIT postseason tournaments.

An NCAA investigation stemming from January was found to have some rules violations, according to the report that the NCAA will fully release later today.

Coach Brown will also be suspended for 30 percent of his team’s games (or about a third of the regular season).

For those fans not in the know, the violations stemmed from the time when former assistant coach Ulric Maligi and another unnamed person connected to SMU’s program helped Keith Frazier with his coursework.  Frazier is a former McDonald’s All-American.  Maligi left SMU in January while Frazier ended up missing the second half of this past season after being declared ineligible. Frazier is currently in good standing on the team roster.

The ESPN report also mentioned that SMU will lose nine scholarship trips over the next three years.

This is nothing new for Coach Brown.  He had to deal with similar violations many years back while coaching both at UCLA and at Kansas.


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