Make it five postseason tournaments during March

The Vegas 16 concept from Kentucky marketing firm bdGlobal came up with a genius idea

See, there are some guys who can still do good in this world.

Sure, it’s a money grabber but consider the draw that Las Vegas is during Spring Break (both for alumni and students)–and I am sure this will definitely be a postseason tournament worth following.

According to, Cox Pavilion in Las Vegas has been tapped to host an NIT-style tournament involving teams that missed out on hearing their schools called by Greg Gumbel of CBS Sports on Selection Sunday.

But unlike other tournaments from the likes of the CBI and the CIT, this tournament will be staged for only five days.  Even better, fans can save up on their hotel fees since organizers will keep the ticket prices reasonable unlike during the NCAA Final Four, which is on par with Super Bowl ticket prices as the most lucrative and expensive in American sports.

Sixteen teams will play a single-elimination bracket starting on Saturday, March 26 and ending with a champion on Wednesday, March 30 (one day before the NIT champion is crown at Madison Square Garden in New York).

Most, if not all of the games will be televised nationally.  But at the very least, you get a chance to hear more games via each school’s campus radio network–which I am certain most if not all Division One schools have stations with apps for easy listening on any mobile device.

Here is the link to the article.  Sure hope the match-ups turn out to be more fun than what the NIT has given us during the last several years:

Hopefully, the match-ups will be cool to see.


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