First big Saturday slate features many top teams


Elle King, “X’s and O’s”

Nice to hear the key lyrics from Elle King’s recent popular hit song leading to the start of CBS Sports starting their 35th consecutive season covering men’s college basketball, as Temple is in Wisconsin minus Frank Kaminsky and Sam Dekker, as Nigel Hayes leads the new-look Badgers through a very difficult schedule for the fine folks in Madison.

Arizona at Gonzaga, along with Harvard going to Kansas is a tantalizing pair of many key games to keep an eye on today.

But the bigger news involving CBS Sports will be a subtle one.

On Monday, the network announced there will be a new logo and graphics package which will debut at Super Bowl 50:

Throughout the 35 years of the bold logo, I recall seeing the original italics look until 1986 when the capital letters were bigger and the italics only appeared during in-station promos.

During their three time run covering the Winter Olympics in Albertville (France), Lillehammer (Norway), and Nagano (Japan) during 1992, ’94, and ’98–the graphics featured blue letters against a light gray background and the letters only took up half the size than a decade earlier.  Once CBS returned covering the NFL after a four-year hiatus in 1998, the current black space-age look got a major update during Super Bowl XXXVIII a few hours prior to the Janet Jackson wardrobe malfunction in 2004.

Typically, a network that carries the Super Bowl will use that time to debut and tinker with the newer, sleeker graphics package.  And the first sport they will get to test it out after Super Sunday?  You guessed it, college basketball.

Remember, Turner Sports will have their own package once the NCAA Tournament returns in March.


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