Kentucky holds off furious Louisville rally


“(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction” by The Rolling Stones

Found on many Greatest Hits compilations too numerous to mention

John Calipari becomes second fastest coach to 200 wins with one school

Tyler Ulis scored 21 points to lead UK to a close-shave 75-73 win over Louisville in the only game on the day after Christmas.  While Coach Calipari needed 240 games to reach 200 victories, only Clair Bee from Long Island University from 1931-1941 got to 200 wins faster doing it at 231.  Both teams get another week off before the start of conference play being in earnest after New Year’s.

More hot water over that video

Louisville Coach Rick Pitino continues to struggle against the school he once coached to a title the last time the Final Four was not played in a dome (1996).  He is 1-8 against John Calipari.

Even with a fan posting some fuzzy video after the game showing off some hand gesture not appropriate for blogging, let alone discussing properly at the dinner table–my only take it on his supposed “We’re Number 1” comment is this:

I am not in the business of speculating.  There are other media writers and fellow bloggers here on WordPress that have only one key aim–to accurately check our sources, dig by reporting the truth, and nothing more.

Personally, I do think that Louisville is doing a lot of damage control and only time will tell pending the verdict in the current sex scandal involving several recruits.  If it comes to a point where Rick Pitino may have to either be suspended or accept early retirement, that is where the real damage could wreak major havoc on the program.

Bottom line is that Kentucky got a major bounce back victory and Louisville appears to be heading anywhere potentially from a 4 seed down to maybe a 8 or 9 seed come March 13.



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