Some brief thoughts on Jay Williams’ memoir

Former Duke All-American opens up about the nearly tragic 2003 motorcycle accident, being accepted as a college basketball analyst for ESPN, and other subjects

The former Jason Williams was an All-American guard at Duke University who saw his team play in two Final Fours, winning it all in 2001.

Picked number 2 by the Chicago Bulls in the 2002 NBA Draft, he had was most people consider a subpar year mostly looking for his shot instead of passing the ball on a team searching to find their way back to prominence five years after last winning in the NBA with the likes of future Basketball Hall of Famers in Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, and Dennis Rodman leading the charge.

But that all changed in summer 2003 when the motorcycle he was riding somewhere in Chicago had him careening head on into a light pole, nearly killing him.  His life has definitely changed in so many ways, from escaping so many dark days following surgery and eventually dating a fellow high-profile media member in Charissa Thompson of Fox Sports 1.

Enter his new memoir Life Is Not An Accident, of which you can find both on eBay and Amazon:

Jay also talks about it, plus other topics with Sports Illustrated media writer Richard Dietsch in his weekly media podcast (originally uploaded January 25).

You can access it on the site, search under SI Media Podcast and search for Jay Williams.





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