Did You Know?

A very interesting statistic mentioned throughout Sunday’s editions during ESPN’s SportsCenter:

There have been 37 upsets where an unranked team was able to knock off a school ranked in the Top 5 according to the Associated Press polls.

This tied an NCAA record with the season where there was a team that scored baskets every 20 seconds (and that was with a 35 second shot clock during that period).  The season was 1989-90 and that team was Loyola Marymount when they posted NBA type numbers for forty minutes, both before and after the tragic passing of legendary player Hank Gathers.

And similar to that 1990 NCAA Tournament, when upsets were aplenty in the first two rounds–I would not be at all shocked if many lower seeds managed to advance to the Regional rounds located this year in Anaheim, Louisville, Philadelphia, and Chicago.

My next “Under the Microscope” will feature two schools fighting to get one of those final coveted at-large berths:  Ohio State and one-time Cinderella darlings in Monmouth.

Enjoy the rest of your Leap Day.




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