Ivy League to finally add postseason tournament

Top four teams during regular season will play March 11 and 12, 2017 for the automatic bid

In finally joining the former tradition rich conferences in the Big Ten, the Pac 12 (and its predecessors in the Pac 10) along with other conferences throughout the country, the Ivy League after 62 years of determining their automatic NCAA qualifier via their regular season conference record will hold their first-ever postseason tournament.

It will be staged at one of our country’s oldest gyms, the historic Palestra in Philadelphia–which so happens to be the home court of the Penn Quakers.  For you trivia buffs, Penn won 23 Ivy League titles in the old format, which is second only to Princeton with 24.

CBSSports.com reported on Thursday that the final games will be played a few hours before Selection Sunday in 2017.  This means we will have six automatic bids on the final day featuring other conference tournaments:

Big Ten, Atlantic 10, Sun Belt, American Athletic Conference, SEC, and going forward the Ivy League.

Bottom line, the administrators and coaches wanted it more–but it will be interesting to see how the fans react once the bottom feeders realize their season will be cut short.

This postseason tournament will last at least three years for both the men and the women, and a venue will be decided in the future for play in 2018 and 2019.  Also, the regular season will be cut by one game to make way for this four-team format.  Hopefully, a better TV and Internet streaming deal will ensue so they can finally catch up with everybody else.

Enjoy the rest of the hoops today and tonight.

Expect a final preview shortly as the AAC, Big West, Sun Belt, and the WAC will finally start later this afternoon.




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