Bracketology 201: Sizing Up the Field


Scorpion, “Wind of Change”

Originally released in 1990, but found on many compilation albums

like the double CD compilation of Gold, originally released April 25, 2006

When I made my picks, I went totally with my gut instead of some random Twitter and Facebook handles who think they know the inside details of all 68 teams.

Pound for pound, or as what longtime CBS Sports analyst Clark Kellogg often says as “the eye test”…the NCAA mostly got it right this time.  Although I did not see any games involving Hawaii or Cal State Bakersfield, they seem to have everything clicking and riding a full tidal wive of momentum.  Bottom line, I felt everyone deserved the seed they ultimately got.

As is usually the case, only Tulsa should have been replaced by Monmouth and some people felt Vanderbilt or Wichita State should have not been included, but instead where where the Bonnies from St. Bonaventure or the school remembered always by the one shot by the head coach–Bryce Drew and Valparaiso?   They all fit the typical tournament profile, but the ten people that comprised the Selection Committee that enjoyed rather posh facilities in that fancy New York hotel room must have been thinking something else.

This is what you came to see, am I right online friends?

As most people say in March, the stars have to shine to advance.  The more shots they make and ultimately stretch the defense of some of the so-called elite teams, they could bend a bit.  But as is usually the case, some lower seeds are going to have play close to a perfect game before I issue the first UPSET ALERT this Thursday or Friday.

Although I do not see a 16 seed upsetting a one seed, that day could be coming sooner than we think based on the fact with the big boys mostly playing one or two years before taking their talents and the millions of dollars that follow them to the NBA.  It is teams that mesh well chemistry-wise, along with the belief that they play great under pressure will truly succeed in this winner-take-all, win or you’re out competition.

Without further adieu then…

Here is your first and exclusive look at my tournament bracket.  I think in the end, the Spartans aka “Gang Green” featuring the fearless leader in Denzel Valentine, along with proven veterans like Matt Costello and others will continue their March dominance–once again tripping Virginia’s plans in ruining any Final Four dreams that part of the country sees.  They should have enough defense to get by Xavier and after Kansas really sweats it out in five overtimes against Oklahoma, they finally have enough energy to survive against Michigan State in an epic title game.

We will see how the games play out over the next three weeks on the road to Houston:


My 2016 Bracket picks, enjoy!



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