Another twist to Selection Sunday leak of the brackets

According to Jeff Goodman of ESPN and other media outlets, some junior level staffer from the NCAA sent out a text message to the University of South Carolina saying that they were in the field of 68.

Turns out it was the other USC, the University of Southern California that got the invite.  However, South Carolina officials weren’t too mad since the USC mess all started initially once the second half of the brackets were leaked online.

This goes back to March 13, the same night when the brackets were initially released and I pointed out my passionate thoughts on what someone did to cause fans so much anguish and a little pain after the fact.  You can read about that in the link below:

The NCAA made several points about this during the annual Final Four press conference Thursday in Houston.  Safe to say, there will be fewer people in charge of the brackets so that way we as fans can see them the way it has been since 1982…with the first, live, exclusive look only on CBS.  And that is the way it should be.

Even CBS Sports President Sean McManus was quoted on in mid-April saying that some changes will be made to make the brackets more of a focal point like it was when the likes of recently retired Tim Brant and James Brown announced the field from the former NCAA Headquarters in Kansas City, near Overland Park, Kansas.

The moral of my story is…if you don’t have the facts and the story to back it up, then why report it?


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