NCAA extends Tournament deals with CBS and Turner through 2032

Eight year extension to current NCAA Tournament deal worth $8.8 billion

All television broadcasts of future Division I Tournament games will continue to air on CBS, TBS, TNT, and TruTV until at least 2032.  The deal also calls for expanded digital streaming rights, so more people can watch the 67 (or whatever number of games the tournament annually holds) either while they are at work and/or commuting along with those people who do not have access to a television–let alone a set hooked up with cable.

The deal will benefit the many thousands of student athletes in the fact that access to student funds will continue and scholarship opportunities will continue to present nice chances for future men and women to succeed in both Divisions I and II.

Bottom line, don’t expect too much change to the general tournament schedule with the lone exception that CBS will air the entire Final Four and national championship games in the odd years beginning again in 2017 at the University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona and TBS (along with the Bleacher stream of hometown calls over on TNT and TruTV) will air those three prominent games in the even years starting again in 2018.  Turner also will continue to head up the music festival seen during Super Saturday at the host site.

But figuring that the TV ratings were at all-time low and that digital ratings are seeing double the numbers of video streams across most digital and mobile devices, there is no question the appetite on how fans consume the games is changing.  And there will be more changes to come throughout the remainder of the contract in terms of how we consume this data and more importantly, how more easily accessible newer technologies will be coming down the pipeline (as scary as it might be for some newbies out there).

The full report can be found at this link here:


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