NCAA Tournament Flashback 2006: Second Round

Welcome one, welcome all to another special edition of NCAA Redux.

It is hard to believe that a full decade has passed with so many upsets:

Northwestern State over Iowa in Auburn Hills, Michigan

Bradley over Kansas later that same evening in Auburn Hills.

And there was nearly one upset of epic proportions:

The 16 seed of Albany (making their first ever trip to the Big Dance) had the top seed in the East, Connecticut on the ropes for the first 30 minutes leading 50-38 with 11:30 left to play.  However, UConn escaped the upset scoring 31 of the final 38 points.

For the next few days, as four months have come and gone between the end of this past season for most teams and another four months until the new season tips off.

The first selection features a second round game involving the upstart 11 seed of George Mason and the 3 seed of North Carolina and future 2009 Most Outstanding Player Tyler Hansbrough.

This game featured the return of Patriots guard Tony Skinn, who was suspended during the Michigan State game for striking a player during the finals of the CAA Tournament.

What a game this turned out to be in Dayton, described by Gus Johnson and Len Elmore:


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