BLOG ALERT: NCAA Hits Louisville With Four Level I Violations

Violations stem from assistant coach Kevin McGee arranging for sex parties inside a Louisville dorm

According to the Associated Press and many various broadcast and online media outlets on Thursday morning, the NCAA announced that the University of Louisville committed four Level I violations that occurred inside the men’s basketball program.

Head Coach and Basketball Hall of Famer Rick Pitino, 64 was cited in the report with a “failure to monitor charge”.   While saying at a press conference he was only “guilty of trusting someone”, he claims to have “over-monitors” of his staff during all waking hours.  The NCAA however, did not find any evidence that Coach Pitino himself knew about any of the escorts or if he sanctioned any of the parties that were attended by recruits and players, including those from the 2013 national championship team.

Bottom line is that Pitino, according to the report was mentioned as to have:

“failed to frequently spot-check the program to uncover potential or existing compliance problems, including actively looking for and evaluating red flags, asking pointed questions and regularly soliciting honest feedback to determine if monitoring systems were functioning properly regarding McGee’s activities and interactions with then men’s basketball prospective and current student-athletes visiting and attending the institution.”

Louisville has 90 days to contest the charge against Pitino.

Two other Level I violations went against Kevin McGee, the former assistant coach who eventually became the school’s Director of Basketball Operations.  He arranged for the sex parties to take place, while the other violation went to former assistant coach Brandon Williams.  The NCAA found that McGee, “arranged for and/or provided impermissible inducements, offers and/or extra benefits in the form of adult entertainment, sex acts and/or cash”.  Also, according to the NCAA’s findings, McGee spent at least $5,400 for as many as 17 recruits and basketball players as well as two AAU coaches and the friend of another prospect.  They confirmed 11 sex acts, two declined sex acts and 14 parties with strippers took place.

Escort Katina Powell’s book “Breaking Cardinal Rules” opens up major wounds

The parties took place at various times during 2010 and 2014, and may have involved a few of the players from their 2013 national championship team.  While there has never been a vacated title team before, it does beg the question–how much is too much?

Bottom line is that the NCAA, as inconsistent an organization as they are–they were not ultimately charged with the phrase, “lack of institutional control” or failure to monitor, the most serious violations any school could take.  Unlike what happened with SMU and Syracuse in the last few years when now-retired coach Larry Brown and Jim Boeheim had to sit through a nine-game suspension as part of the punishment, the Committee on Infractions case will not commence until spring 2017.

By this time next year when the 2017-2018 season tips off, I would not be surprised if more stringent punishment comes in the forms of restrictions in scholarships and/or future postseason bans.

The best case scenario IMHO, have this upcoming season become a farewell tour for Rick Pitino and he could ride off into the sunset with one more NCAA Tournament appearance.  His Cardinals were pegged to be anywhere from a 3 or a 4 seed prior to the announcement of the allegations.  At least, you have one small clue to one of the 68 schools that I might include in my upcoming Season Preview.

I hope to have it up sometime next week.  If not, I will try my best to get everything straight sometime just prior to Election Day.

As messy as this news is, a new low has been set.  Louisville was in for trouble from the start and the sex parties going to places only seen in clubs from when Playboy was the former hot topic of conversation to Penthouse and Hustler of today, it just sickens me how people can stoop so low and totally forget the true mission statements of why each institution of higher learning is supposed to be a caring and trusting place, not a place to mock or having people do stupid things on campus.





Northern Colorado self-imposes ban, will miss out on 2017 postseason play

Decision stems from prior coaching staffs for many various violations

Poor Jeff Linder.

After leaving his last job as an assistant coach at Boise State, he walks into the mass formerly inherited by former coach B.J. Hill and his staff.  Once the alleged violations became known, the administration had no choice to fire everyone who was involved.

This news came from on Sunday afternoon.


Site has been chosen to replace Greensboro for 2017 NCAA Tournament

According to a brief post by the Associated Press on Friday morning, the NCAA has chosen the Bon Secours Wellness Arena in Greenville, South Carolina to host a first and second round pod next March.

This news is separate from the Southern Conference announcing on September 30 that their conference championship games for both the men and the women will continue to determine their conference’s automatic NCAA Tournament bid in North Carolina.

Six other championship events will also find different places as well, which include:

Division I women’s soccer championship in San Jose, California

Division III men’s and women’s soccer championships in Salem, Virginia

Division I women’s golf regional championships in Athens, Georgia (“Shiny, Happy People” indeed–thanks R.E.M.)

Division III men’s and women’s tennis championships in Chattanooga, Tennessee

Division I women’s lacrosse championship in Boston.

Division II baseball championship in Grand Prairie, Texas.