Thoughts about the Chicago Cubs winning the 2016 World Series

General Disclosure:

All of my life, I have been a baseball fan of the Chicago White Sox.  When my favorite team won the 2005 World Series, I cried many happy tears and wondered what reaction I would have enjoyed being around had both my grandparents and father been alive to witness such a rare and historic occasion.

For most of my life, I had to endure many of my past friends who are all Cubs fans.  I was the only Sox fan in my eighth grade graduating class.  I could still count on one hand how many White Sox fans were in my high school graduating class, with everyone else that graduated with me were all waiting patiently if and when that ultimate night would ever come.

Enter 11:47 p.m. Central Daylight Time on the rather humid, summerlike evening of Wednesday, November 2, 2016 and the Chicago Cubs had posted two runs in the tenth inning after a 17 minute rain delay to upend the title dreams in Cleveland by a dramatic Game 7 final score of Chicago 8, Cleveland 7 in ten heart pounding innings at Cleveland’s Progressive Field.

It was a good thing that ultimate Cleveland Indians fan, Fox Business anchor extraodinaire Liz Claman took to Twitter early on Thursday morning and was so gracious and classy in her thoughts:

“Let me set an example for our presidential candidates & voters: my side didn’t win but I say congrats to the victor! (PS We wuz robbed!) lol

Congrats and the long suffering It’s easy to be happy for you AND proud of my at the same time.

The entire Cubs Nation deserves it, after 108 years of suffering.  All of the past talk about goats, whatever curses and being the former “lovable losers” can be finally laid to rest.  I wish to congratulate the Cubs on an amazing season.  And for those people who might have missed the final game due to the 50th anniversary CMA Awards or some other junk on cable, shame on you.

But there is a good thing that YouTube is to the rescue.  Just reserve about 4 hours and 48 minutes to savor this game not just for this off season, but for years to come.  It was exciting, fun, nerve-wracking, and exhilarating all in one night.

Back to my regularly scheduled blogs soon with my 2016-2017 college basketball preview.


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