New Orleans chosen to host 2022 NCAA Final Four

Thanks to a portion of the NCAA’s Division One Council and in particular, the Division I Men’s Basketball Oversight Committee, the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans will play host to the 2022 Men’s NCAA Final Four.

The decision was announced on Thursday morning forgoing the past procedures of selecting Final Four cities.  Other NFL stadiums were previously on the pecking order, but realizing that New Orleans was passed over during the summer to bring back the NFL’s Super Bowl where it instead will be held in Atlanta’s new stadium, this time around will give fans and media a chance to honor some famous games.

It will be staged on the 40th anniversary of CBS’ maiden voyage covering the Final Four when Michael Jordan’s 18 foot fadeaway jumper in 1982 slayed the mighty giants led by Patrick Ewing and Sleepy Floyd of Georgetown.  It will also mark the 35th anniversary of one of the most tense and exciting championship games in history, when Keith Smart sank a baseline jumper with four seconds remaining to give Indiana their fifth and last title to date outlasting Syracuse.  That game in 1987 gave future Hall of Fame Coach Bob Knight his third title in a 11 year span.

Also, the Chris Webber no timeout game that cost Michigan the chance to pull even with North Carolina in 1993 was there (bit of trivia–I missed that game when it aired live due to me having a college class on World Literature.  I won’t bore you with what classic selection I was forced to read after that year’s Elite Eight.)

Ten years later in 2003 was Carmelo Anthony’s brightest moment in college when Syracuse erased 16 years of frustration surviving a frantic Kirk Hinrich block in 2003.  The last time the Big Easy hosted Super Saturday was in 2012, when Anthony Davis led Kentucky past one of Bill Self’s greatest outfits in his many years guiding Kansas.

One final note for you history buffs–the Superdome will join the former Municipal Auditorium in Kansas City, Missouri, Madison Square Garden in New York and Freedom Hall in Louisville, Kentucky as the only venues that have hosted at least six national championship games.



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