Grayson Allen suspended indefinitely by Duke

The Most Outstanding Player at the 2015 Final Four tripped Steven Santa Ana of Elon on Wednesday night, school suspended him indefinitely

Once was bad enough, twice was horrible this past season two weeks apart in February  2016.  With a little over four minutes remaining in the first half in Greensboro, Grayson Allen stuck out his leg and tripped Elon’s Steven Santa Ana on a drive to the basket.  It basically looked like Allen kicked Santa Ana from behind, earning a technical foul in the process.

He was very frustrated and angry while sitting at times on the bench, but did eventually return to play with 16 minutes left in the second half.  Clearly, he was not the same type of aggressive player after the trip–scoring a career low three points.

Hall of Fame Coach Mike Kryzyewski mentioned the right things and what Allen had to do in apologizing both to Santa Ana and Elon Coach Matt Matheny in the press conference after the game:

“I handle things the way I handle them.  I think I’ve handled this correctly and moving forward I will continue to handle it correctly, and I don’t need to satisfy what other people think I should do.

I’m a teacher and a coach. And I’m responsible for that kid, so I know him better than anybody. So to think that it’s the last thing that’s said about this to him is wrong. Obviously, we will do more. It doesn’t mean you have to see it, or anybody else has to see it.”

The statement from Thursday morning by the school was stern and direct, with the key words being that “the incident was unacceptable and inexcusable.”

It is obvious that kind of physical violence is not to be tolerated or condoned at any given place or time–whether it is during a game, walking by cheerleaders who happen to be practicing their routines, or any staffers trying to do their jobs.

Duke still won the game, but my point is–dirty play is simply not called for.  It gives a bad eye to the sport and I am glad that Duke University stepped up and put the hammer down on him.  As heady a player as Grayson Allen is, everyone still has to abide by the same rules–from the NCAA as a whole, and also from both the school and their affiliated conference.

ACC could also send sterner punishment, if they want

Since it was a non-conference game, it will be interesting to see if Allen will still be enrolled as a student going forward.  Again, I as a blog reporter do not wish to spread rumors of any kind.  I just report the facts as I see them on television and what I view online and/or hear on sports talk radio.

Until Allen learns his lesson, he will be very lucky just to earn his diploma–that is, if he somehow returns in time for the ACC Tournament come early March.

That, my online friends–is another topic for another day.





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