What Clemson winning the college football title means

The courage and persistence of DaShaun Watson was simply incredible to watch

The Pretenders, “Back On The Chain Gang”
Found on the Learning To Crawl album, originally released in 1982

“It’s a blessing…it is surreal.”

Winning Clemson University Head Coach Dabo Sweeney in very passionate remarks to ESPN’s Rece Davis, in accepting the 2017 CFP National Championship trophy

I realize there were only two college basketball games on Monday, but the CFP National Championship game at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida had everything.

And I mean everything.  That does not include Bill Walton looking like the strangest version of Uncle Sam on the ESPN Voices Megacast on ESPNU.

The 2016 title game was decided by an onside kick.

This year, it was decided by big plays on both sides.

And yes, Deshaun Watson may have passed for 405 yards in Glendale, Arizona but he topped it on Monday night–a whopping 420 yards!

The lead changed hands several times in the fourth quarter.  And once that final touchdown occurred with one second left as Clemson upset Alabama 35 to 31, my mind flashed this phrase:

As long as you accomplish your goals with dedicate, persistence, hard work, and yes–a little bit of love from your friends…all things ARE possible.

Btw, did anyone catch Rachel Nichols’ reaction on the ESPN Voices Megacast on ESPNU?  Priceless, simply priceless.

The regular blogs return on Tuesday.  Please have a good night and congratulations to the alma mater of one-time Playboy model Mya Matthews and the Clemson Tigers in winning their first college football championship since 1981.




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