Villanova, Kansas, and Kentucky all lose


“What Kind of Man”, by Florence and The Machine

Taken from How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful

Released June 2, 2015 on Republic Records

First time since 1997 that three of the top 4 teams in the Associated Press poll all go down in a single night

The common thread with Villanova, Kansas, and Kentucky all blowing leads late in the second half is that it is just a minor blip in the radar thinking long term.

That is–unless the opposition can figure out based on Tuesday night’s films how will they exploit their once dominant defenses.

Other teams hoping to come of age need to feel an urgency now, not in late February.

The likes of Butler, St. Mary’s, USC, Valparaiso, and Gonzaga have to keep the train rolling.  Easier said than done, most broadcasters and bloggers will tell you.

More than likely, Greg Gumbel of CBS Sports will be mentioning those three above schools as a majority of your number 1 seeds come Selection Sunday.  That is why they play the games, ladies and gentlemen.

Unlike the recent span in the stock markets where the psychological barrier of reaching and closing at Dow Jones 20,000 seemed to take a while–but it finally made it today.

No more we will see Liz Claman of Fox Business fame have duck tape plastered to her cap, as she showed her Twitter followers about an hour after the closing bell:


Yes, the duck tape finally came off.  From the Twitter account of Liz Claman.


The only question left is will Northwestern finally join the Chicago Cubs in breaking a long drought?


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