CBS to debut an NCAA Rankings Show

Follows in the popular footsteps of what ESPN does with college football on Tuesday nights

The NCAA along with CBS on Tuesday announced an NCAA Tournament Rankings show.  This was something that I called on in one of my prior blogs a while back.

The show will air on Saturday, February 11 with Greg Gumbel, Clark Kellogg, and Seth Davis dissecting each of the four regions and the top four seeds that will be revealed at that time.  Consider the timing of it being six days after Super Bowl LI, that is when most casual fans finally begin to stand up and take notice of what is happening in the college basketball universe.

The show IMHO will serve two purposes:

  1. It will give several teams something to strive for.  No longer will we have to guess simply by the 20 win, be .500 in the conference, and come up huge in your conference tournament formula.  Rather, it will be a barometer on where teams stand and why they are positioned in certain upper portions of the bracket.
  2. It will give bloggers like me and other fans something to talk about.

For example, if you use Jerry Palm’s CBS Sports mock bracket as a guide, he has North Carolina pegged as a four seed playing in the Orlando Pod ahead of West Virginia.

My take, West Virginia has had some stellar wins this season–winning over Baylor who was ranked #1 at the time and Kansas on Tuesday when they ranked #2.  North Carolina has struggled at times, but the full body of work is starting to take shape.

That is just a small sample size.  I cannot wait to see it all unfold.


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