It’s Stock Up, Stock Down Time Once Again

Happy Tuesday, everybody.

First of all, please send your prayers towards University of West Virginia Head Coach Bob Huggins.  If you did not watch ESPN on Monday night, one of the cameras behind the backboard showed him kneeling to the court late in the first half of their game against Texas.  The players one by one rushed to his aid and medical personnel shortly thereafter cleared him to continue coaching.

Thankfully, the only problem was that his defibrillator went off.  He told sideline reporter Holly Rowe a classic quote most coaches often say to deflect an issue greater than the team in the heat of the moment:

“I’m fine.  Let’s not talk about me, let’s talk about my kids.”

Well, to each his own–but if it was more serious, there is no point in speculating about people’s health.  I blog simply to report the facts and try not to deal with that extra fluff that many websites and Twitter followers love to occupy their time with.

However, if there comes a time when a player, coach, or cheerleader’s life is impacted in any major way–I am sure to acknowledge it, say what you have to say, and move on.

And that is what I will choose to do.


After this past weekend, many schools helped themselves and a small handful of teams are still on the bubble in terms of maybe playing an Opening Round game in Dayton, Ohio.

Here is my latest edition of Stock Up, Stock Down:


Villanova, Kansas, Duke, Wisconsin, Purdue, Northwestern, Georgia Tech, Butler, Valparaiso, and Illinois State


Baylor, Syracuse, Michigan State, and Georgetown.

See you all again later in the week, unless there are any major upsets.


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