Two small news items of interest

Late Tuesday afternoon, LSU Head Coach Johnny Jones was fired.

Problem was, the Administration in Baton Rouge did not tell him about the firing.  Instead, he was contacted by ESPN and nobody else knew about the story.

Another instance in our social media happy world, where people tend to rush to judgment and not gather up all of the facts.  This might be one extra reason to worry that many favorite on-air personalities and reporters could be shown the door by June since cord-cutting has become increasingly popular among tweens, twentysomethings and many other Americans that were gouged by the exorbitantly high cable TV prices–especially with the empty promises given off by Comcast.

Another sad story by way of the Awful Announcing website on Tuesday, where after 51 episodes and nearly five years of exemplary journalism brought on by the nearly five decade run that is 6o Minutes on CBS News, Showtime has unceremoniously cancelled the Showtime equivalent of 6o Minutes Sports.

The show tackled many hard hitting subjects from college football to many pro sports and even took viewers behind the scenes from CBS Sports coverage of Super Bowl XLVII in New Orleans.  Although the show aired at 10 p.m. Eastern time only the first Wednesday of every month, it was excellent competition to Bryant Gumbel’s long standing Real Sports series on HBO.

Couple that with the recent end of the nearly 30 year run of ESPN’s award winning Sunday morning staple program The Sports Reporters, and we are mostly living in a world where looking down on smartphones increases our ability to be more isolated than ever before.

I surely hope that changes a bit with when I post on Monday all of the traditional and streaming media outlets that fans can access all or on some systems, parts of the NCAA Tournament.

Thank you all for reading and hopefully, better news will be coming soon.


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