Dance Party Playlist 2 of 5: The 1980’s

Continuing with the virtual gift that keeps on giving:

It was simply a fun time growing up in the 1980’s:  Things were mostly cheaper, except for certain brands of VCR’s that were hotly advertised inside the cool Electric Avenue section of the former Montgomery Ward department stores.

Even those really creative Builders Square ads tried their best to get homeowners to be “squared away”, this playlist is simply amazing to dance to.

Thanks to MTV and their early brands of music videos, many one hit wonders from across the pond also took full advantage and created some really cool songs.

You may have noticed that there a few songs dedicated to those in academia.  So hit <Play> or repeat if you so desire.

According to my calculations, there will be 30 songs remaining just in time for Selection Sunday.  Enjoy, everybody:


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