Seeding process continues for Selection Committee

This according to NCAA Vice President Dan Gavitt, who spoke with Greg Gumbel, Clark Kellogg, and Seth Davis in New York inbetween games of the Big Ten Tournament on CBS.

The points to clarify were the facts that:

  • Seed lines 1 to 4 and 13 to 16 are “pretty solid”, in Gavitt’s words.
  • “There is much discussion about seed lines through 10 (and) 11.  With many 1 (seeds) winning their conference tournaments, there are only 13 teams in our Under Consideration board.”

With the bubble shrinking, the 10 member Selection Committee will continue their hard work on ranking and seeding the teams before the full bracket eventually takes shape.

  • “Last year, there was much discussion…but the bubble teams were nearly  double in size.”

In other words, the bubble is not as crowded as it was in 2016 with up to 26 schools vying for bids on the final weekend of games being played.

To briefly reset things…

The bracket will have two versions:

The one the whole world sees, and an alternate bracket just in case Michigan happens to upset Wisconsin in the Big Ten title game in Washington on Sunday afternoon.  Similar to when Luke Recker shocked his former school of Indiana while winning a semifinal game for Iowa in the last seconds a few years back, there could be more tense times coming up.

If the alternate bracket is implemented, then one bubble team will sadly be left out and forced to go to the NIT instead.

Hope this information helps clarify things, unlike Sir Charles Barkley in the Capital One ad reversing his hoodie to become a new “snack hoodie” for people to snack off.  But clearly, Samuel L. Jackson’s line of “steaks on a plane” was very lame to me.


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